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Quiet Aviation LLC is a 16 year pioneer in the adaptation of modern automotive engines for general aviation.

QA launched using the Chevy V8 small block 350 in a 1928 Curtis Robin (Pic), then in the Travel Air biplane (Pic), both with convincing results. In 2008, this V8 was moved to a 172L (Pic) for some 80 hours of flight before the engine was replaced with an all aluminum GM LS2 V8 (open cowl Pic) where it was flown quite extensively with the engine mounted both upright and inverted (inverted Pic). Although in compliance with an FAA Issue Paper for the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), the requirement for a mechanical fuel system worked good but was not efficient enough to be marketable.


We learned that operating in the Experimental Exhibition Category was ideal where the owner would have the same freedom of flight including IFR but could also:

1) do much of the maintenance,

2) add special features,

3) use engine computer control,

4) use experimental avionics at great savings,

5) operate at higher power settings.

6) use Mogas with a 4X savings as some of the Fast172 benefits. By entering the Experimental Category,


QA is free to use a fully electronic engine just as on the car with instant starts, smooth operation and with, believe it or not, EMISSION CONTROL. Our current conversion is a perfect mating of the GM 2.0L 4 cyl, performance turbo engine in the C172 using a custom re-drive so that it is geared to an ideal prop speed and leaves this installation rather quiet and completely under the cowl.


We have also taken the opportunity to use and/or build up even more powerful auto engines with greater efficiencies and toughness to not only challenge turboprop installations but immensely reduce their operating costs. The demo for this application will be the GM LT4 650hp supercharged engine mounted to the rear of a C337.


For a better compromise, smaller engines like the 2.0L 4 cylinder and the stronger twin turbo V6 will be a retrofit to the rear with more hp than the 2 conventional engines together. In addition to retrofitting airplanes, QA is developing, testing and introducing other innovative aviation products. One of these is a revolutionary propeller conceived to reduce prop noise and yield greater efficiencies.


Click on Specialty Projects above for a look at the projects meant to capture your imagination and offer more aviation excitement.


 Fly cheaper, faster, farther, higher and be environmentally friendly when doing it with our “Fast172” engine conversion

We are at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, SFB

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