Quiet Aviation, LLC (QA) is a Central Florida based company that specializes in experimental aircraft, powerplant, design, research and manufacturing with facilities at Deland Municipal and Orlando-Apopka Airports. 

CESSNA C172/175/T-41
QA Cessna
Cessna 172 Test Aircraft

Start up and taxi demonstration

Now you can trust your airplane like you do your car, probably even more. It’s trustworthy since it can have the same Chevrolet Bowtie engine but now with dual computers, alternators, fuel pumps and batteries along with their modern automotive technology for better durability, economy and service. Quiet Aviation LLC is offering our Bowtie 430 complete “bolt on” new GM LS3 430hp all aluminum, fully electronic V8 conversion kit for the Cessna serial numbers 17254894 and up which have the step firewall. Our 430 hp engine is derated to 180hp for the 172 and a little more for the 175. This 180hp equates to only 2600 engine rpm, producing a fraction of the available hp and assuring longevity and dependability. Now your overhauls can be many years in the future. The engineering for the straight firewall continues and will be announced when completed.

This Bowtie 430 kit sells for $29,500.00 FOB. If you wish, there is a $5,000 rebate for everything forward of the firewall except the cowling. This kit comes with step by step illustrated instructions so that even you can make the installation in around 40 manhours. In addition to the above items, the kit includes:

  1. a 3-blade, ground adjustable, carbon fiber, 78” propeller
  2. a 2:1 speed reduction helical gear box for 1300 rpm quiet prop speeds
  3. dual radiators with surge and overflow tanks for reserve cooling
  4. hot water cabin heat
  5. emission and efficient engine control using all engine sensors
  6. stainless, ceramic coated, exhaust with mufflers
  7. stainless battery box
  8. panel gages for digital tach, coolant and oil temperatures and dual voltages
  9. a computer tablet to compliment the panel gages for a glass display of the many engine functions as gages, numeric or time histories along with scan diagnostics
  10. cowl pattern and parts for exhaust and engine openings and the lower cowl spoiler
  11. the POH revisions
  12. and an engine run before shipment

With this Bowtie 430, you will appreciate the smoother and far quieter operation, 1 blade hot or cold starts, 5 to 7.5 gph fuel consumption on 87 octane auto gas or Avgas or their mix, takeoff, climb and even cruise at 180hp (and more for the C175), greater climb and ceiling, far cheaper overhauls or fresh replacements, and new life for these aging and often derelict airplanes. Shown are both the exposed and hooded installations.

Open Cowl Installation
Open Cowl Installation
Airscoop Hood Cowling
Airscoop Hood Cowling

And the greatest benefit will be the licensing of your plane in the new 8130.2H Experimental Exhibition Category where you have fewer restrictions. This conversion is virtually the same as our “STC Certification Basis” except it has the computer system. Even greater savings will be your opportunity to use trendy experimental avionics, to do much of your maintenance, add features of your own as air conditioning or a special propeller, the many options Quiet Aviation is introducing or simply to dress-up your plane.

The intent of the regulation is to show or demonstrate the unique features of the airplane at Air Shows and special aviation events. For proficiency, you can fly the aircraft anywhere in the U.S., carry passengers and fly VFR day, night or IFR if the aircraft is properly equipped as long as it is not for compensation or hire. After installation, an application is furnished to be submitted to your local FAA FSDO to relicense the plane. Our alteration of the cowling is the only change from the TC configuration. See Contact Us to request a copy of these Operating Limitations for a better understanding of the liberties and to review them with your FSDO for later licensing. This conversion kit should be installed in accordance with our instructions in order to qualify for the same Operating Limitations.

We ask a 50% deposit followed with a 25% installment when we document the engine and gear box installation on its’ engine mount. The balance is paid with pickup of the conversion package. It is packaged on a standard 40 x 48 pallet weighing roughly 600 lbs. An order is normally filled within 6 weeks. Email for available production positions and place a refundable deposit of $2,500 to hold yours.

See Contact Us to email or call for more information.


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